All services for the producing industry from one single source!

That is our company philosophy and makes us stand out as a reliable service provider. Whether in maintenance and repair of machines and systems, in machine relocations, in building technology or for projects in automation technology, TDK is a competent partner in all areas.

We want you to be able to concentrate fully on the development and manufacture of your products and to only need one contact person for all other questions.

TDK has been working as a technical service provider since 1995. Currently, our team is made up of approx. 150 employees, who are equally distributed across the sites in Germany and in Slovakia.

We are all happy to answer your technical questions.

Quality & safety

Independent certification
centres confirm our
service quality and the
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Jaroslav Kolnik and Michael Krause
Shareholders and Managing Directors of the TDK group

Our services

The TDK area of activity encompasses the whole area of machine and system maintenance at all locations − from inspection to repair right up to maintenance.

Furthermore, we are your competent partner for overhaul, modernisation and automation of machines and systems. Qualified teams are available to your for control renewal right up to geometric overhaul. Our specialists will advise you with the aim of minimising possible sources of errors in your machines and systems.

The relocation of individual machines and systems to other locations as well as the planning and implementation of complete operation relocations worldwide are also part of our range of services.

In addition, our industrial service team will supervise you in all regards relating to the environment of your machines. This includes for example activities in the areas of DGUV and UVV checks, project management and servicing industrial air filter systems, maintenance of building technology systems, metal work tasks and in many further areas.

You can find more detailed information about our range of services in the rubric "Our services".

But the TDK-companies are not only successful in the field of machine-service, they also construct and build machines or automations.

This is how TDK Maschinenbau GmbH developed the innovative deburring machine Pinflow, with which they have made a name for themselves since then. If you would like information about TDK Maschinenbau GmbH and our deburring machine Pinflow, you can visit us on the website

TDK all over the world

We are there, no matter where and when our customers require help! This is also part of our company philosophy. Whether you want to master automation tasks in Europe, need maintenance in America or are planning a production relocation to Asia − TDK is your competent and reliable partner all over the world.