Hot Spots – Alarm signals for motors and systems

Hot Spots – Alarm signals for motors and systems

Before malfunctions and unplanned breakdown times arise, there is a clear alarm signal inside of motors, plants and technical systems: the so-called hot spots. This surface overheating is an early indication of a multitude of problems, which if avoided can save your operation a great deal of money and time. Until now it was elaborate and costly to make these invisible alarm signals thermographically visible. Yet now you can make the most of the advantages of infrared thermography very simply thanks to a new service of TDK: error location by thermal imaging.

Quick, precise, economical – thermal imaging photography from TDK

With a flexible hand measurement device, TDK searches for potential technical weak points. The thermal imaging camera produces two-dimensional images, which make overheating clearly visible. It also provides precise temperature details for every measurement point, so that possible error sources can be investigated in detail. Images taken of an object over a longer period of time form the basis for meaningful trend analyses. Optimise your proactive maintenance with the thermal imaging service from TDK!

Secure information for diverse uses

The thermal imaging service from TDK is the logical addition to the extensive TDK services for proactive maintenance. The infrared thermography provides you with secure and precise data about potential weak points early on, which otherwise would have remained hidden. The thermal imaging procedure is suitable for the following areas, such as for example:

Electromechanical devices
Motors, pumps, bearings and pulleys

Process instruments
Process control instruments, pipes, valves, condensate separators and containers

Energy distribution systems
Three-phase systems, sub-distribution units, fuses, cables and connections

Plant and building repairs
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, buildings and roofs

With the thermal imaging service from TDK, you can significantly improve the flawless and failure-free operation of your machines and plants.

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