Loading and unloading systems/interlinking systems

Lower your costs by automating work piece transport

When planning production plants, the main focus is often on the manufacturing process, while the work piece transport is neglected. In practice, it is then very quickly shown that the cycle time suffers due to manual transport and the unit costs are higher than planned.

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Here, you can provide relief with simply designed and low-cost loading and unloading systems or interlinking systems. With an automated work piece transport, damage is also minimised, and the integration of measurement stations is enabled. Furthermore, machine standstills due to incorrectly inserted work pieces are avoided.

Automation technology gives you the opportunity to cover order peaks in multi-shift operation without having to change your number of personnel.

Your advantages

  • Productivity increase without new investment
  • Increase in work piece quality
  • Increase in cycle times

Our construction department works with ultra-modern, three-dimensional CAD systems, with which we develop the optimum solution for your production automation. Thanks to the realistic presentation of the 3D construction, you can immediately recognise the functionality and advantages of automation.