Modernisation of machines and plants

Keep your production fit to keep up with the competition

The technology of production plants is advancing more and more quickly. In order to remain competitive, modern operations must be able to keep up with the increasingly shorter intervals of technological progress. However, this doesn't mean you need to invest in a new machine.

In many cases it is the technology of the control technology which progresses rapidly, while the mechanics still correspond to the current standard. Therefore, it is always worth considering whether it would be sufficient to invest in new control technology for the existing plant. As a rule, comparable results can be achieved in this way with significantly lower outlay.

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Your advantages

  • Use of modern technology on existing systems
  • Ensuring competitive advantages

Due to a PLC change from S5 to S7, it is possible to implement modern in-process measurement systems, tool breakage checks or visualisation systems. In this way, you are once again up to date in terms of quality assurance.

With new control technology, the drive technology can also be modernised. This leads to shorter production times and increases the technical availability.