Maintenance and disposal of operating materials

Good maintenance of cooling lubricants guarantees a longer tool service life

Operating materials such as oils, cooling lubricants and wash tensides are now indispensable in modern production operations. They are a guarantee for high cutting speeds, long tool service lives, high-quality surfaces and the adherence to cleanliness requirements.

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Your operating material can only fulfil these characteristics if it is appropriately maintained. Through deficient maintenance, circumstances dangerous to health, extreme odour nuisances and machine standstills can quickly arise due to unnecessarily frequent change intervals. In order to avoid this, we develop effective maintenance and monitoring concepts for your operating materials.

Our trained specialist personnel would be happy to take on the investigation of your operating materials in our laboratories as well as maintenance on your premises.

Of course, we will also carry out proper operating material changes with all the accompanying cleaning works on your premises if necessary.

Your advantages

  • Quick and cost-effective analyses in own laboratories
  • Cost reduction due to long cooling lubrication service lives
  • Analysis, maintenance and changing of operating materials from one single source