Machine and production relocation

  • Carrying out machine relocations

  • Carrying out complete operation relocations

  • Overall planning and supervision of relocation projects

To us, relocation means much more than just pure transport work

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Sven Schütt

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There is a saying: "You snooze, you lose." It is obvious that this is of great importance especially for modern companies. Because if you still want to be competitive tomorrow, you have to recognise new developments early on and be open to innovative ideas.

Changes and improvements in the factory are therefore unavoidable. We will carry out these changes for you.

Thereby, it doesn't matter if it's an in-house machine transport or complete operation relocation - we are the competent partner for you.

There are many companies which offer simple heavy transports. But this alone does not help you to relocate your production plants.

For us, planning is as much a part of a machine relocation as the fine tuning and commissioning at the new location.

Your advantages

  • A competent partner for complex tasks
  • Planning, implementation and handover ready for operation from one single source
  • TDK works locally and globally

Through prior production of reference work pieces, we guarantee you that the machine, at the new location, will produce at the same quality as at the old one.

Furthermore, we manufacture all power connections, construction the environment infrastructure such as shelf systems, crane systems and protective equipment and repaint the machine according to your wishes.

In the case of complete operation relocations, we of course also take on the office relocation with the accompanying installation works for the IT and telecommunications system. On request, we also carry out the necessary renovation works in this area right up to planning and installation of new air conditioning or ventilation systems.

Thanks to our longstanding international experience in this area, we have good references in Europe as well as in Asia.